Yew is a large round island that supports several different countries and various magical beings.


Yew bears one major resemblance to the Land of Oz, in that it contains four separate domains oriented in the four cardinal directions.

  • To the North is Heg.
  • To the East is Dawna.
  • To the West is Auriel, "tinted rose and purple by the setting sun."
  • To the South is Plenta, "where fruits and flowers abounded."

These four surround a central locus, the land of Spor, a bandit wilderness.

As a whole, Yew is a domain of green meadows, deep forests, and mountains, with nothing of the modern outside world and its technology. As such, it is a welcome place for fairies and other immortals, who are friendly and helpful toward the people. The humans live simple, traditional lives, and breathe clean clear air; a few have learned enough from the fairies to develop into magicians and sorcerers.

(A hundred years in the future, Yew becomes civilized and modern — as the Red Rogue of Dawna discovers firsthand.)


The Island of Yew is set at some undisclosed location in the Earth's global ocean — "in the middle of the sea." Later commentators have placed it in the Nonestic Ocean, in the general vicinity of Oz and its neighbor countries of Nonestica, though there is no direct authority for this in the source text. (The Enchanted Island of Yew)