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"Y'all Got It" is a song from The Wiz. It is sung by The Wizard as he prepares to depart with Dorothy Gale in his hot air balloon and says farewell to the citizens of the Emerald City. It was sung by Andre De Shields in 1975 and by Queen Latifah in the 2015 TV adaption (with some lyrics changed to accommodate Queen Latifah's status as the first female Wiz). This song was excluded from the 1978 film.

"Y'all Got It" Lyics

I gotta leave

So I packed my bags

And I'm going

I gotta date

So don't you ask me to stay

Cause I'm showing

You were always ready

For new wizardry

Must have thought that miracles

Came easy to me!

Here's what I'll give you

And put it up on the shelf

Cause now it's time for this here Wiz

To wiz on himself!

And I'm wizzin'

Give me a reason why I should stay

And I'll judge it.

My, my, my, My mind is made up

And nothin' you say's gonna budge it.

Y'all copped a whole lotta magic from me

But here's the greatest magic

That you'll ever see

If you blink more than one time

The kid will be gone

And you will have to hook up

The rest on your own

And you know what I think about that?

Your work's cut out for you

It's not about Ifs, Buts, or Ands

Cause when I leave this job

I'm leaving it all in your hands

I packed up my clothes

And I packed up my power

I'm leaving this place

In less than one half an hour

If you look up in the sky

You'll know just who it is

It's not a bird, it's not a plane

It's just the little ole' Wiz!

And guess who it's on after that?

Y'all got it

Y'all got it

Y'all got it

I'm talkin' bout leavin' here

Y'all got it

Y'all got it

Y'all got it