Wood nymphs are immortal creatures that care for the trees of the Forest of Burzee where they live, ruled by Queen Zurline. They are beautiful and graceful, and all dress in oak-leaf green.

Besides their duties in caring for the trees, the nymphs enjoy many celebrations. Each full moon they dance in the Royal Circle of the Queen. Their annual holidays are the Feast of Nuts, the Jubilee of Autumn Tintings, the solemn ceremony of Leaf Shedding, and the revelry of Budding Day. When Ak the Master Woodsman of the world visits the forest, they lie at his feet and listen to his words of wisdom.

Santa Claus was raised in the Forest of Burzee by a wood nymph named Necile. During the battle against the Awgwas' forces, most of the Awgwas were turned into dirt clods by the Wood Nymphs. (The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus)

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