Wisk is a Fairy who is tiny and mischievous, but loveable. He is a servant of Santa Claus and always accompanies him on his Christmas journey. (The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, A Kidnapped Santa Claus)

In adaptations

In the 2000 animated version of Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, Wisk is depicted as a shapeshifting Pixie designed by fantasy illustrator Brian Froud. Serving as Nicolas's main sidekick and comic relief, Wisk once lived on the other side of the Awgwas' Mountain and was captured as a potential meal. He escaped by way of a catapult, but aimed towards the wrong side of the mountains and landed in the Forest of Burzee, becoming one of Santa's childhood friends. At the great war between the Immortals and Awgwas, Wisk ends up getting his revenge by creating a landslide that leaves the Awgwa leaders helpless against a spell that turns them into flies. Wisk is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

In Alex Robinson's 2008 graphic novel adaptation of A Kidnapped Santa Claus, Wisk is a female character. Her role as one of Santa's top assistants is portrayed as more of an office desk job, managing Santa's schedules and lists, and has a crush on Kilter. When the Daemons visit the workshop to try and tempt Santa, they keep misidentifying her as an elf to her chagrin. The Fairy Queen is also identified as being her mother.

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