Wicked Witch of the South
Title Wicked Witch of the South
Species Human
Residence Small hut, Quadling Country
Affiliation Wicked Witches
First Appearance Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (Mentioned)

The Wicked Witch of the South ruled the Quadling Country just before the arrival of the Wizard in Oz. She had conquered the Quadlings, but was overthrown by Glinda, who went on to replace her as the Ruler of the South. (Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz)

In The Wicked Witch of Oz

Singra was the Wicked Witch of the South, cousin of the Wicked Witches of the East and West. At some point, she saved a Water Nymph's life and in exchange the Nymph made her impervious to water, which killed her cousin. She was defeated by Glinda and put into a 100-year sleep, with the Hundred-Year Alarm Clock to wake her at the end of that time.

When she awakened, she used her Magic Snuffbox, her most common magic tool, to discover what had become of her cousins. When she found out they had both been killed by Dorothy Gale, she set out for revenge. She infiltrated Glinda's palace to steal magical equipment, imprisoned the Scarecrow there, and made her way to the Emerald City where she mistakenly enchanted Trot instead of Dorothy. Trot was turned to a piece of green cheese, and Dorothy and Percy set out to pursue.

When the party found her hut, Singra turned Dorothy to a stone statue and sent a ransom note to Ozma, saying she would release the two girls if she was made Ruler of the Quadling Country again. However, by the time this note was received, both had been recovered by other means, and Ozma forced Singra to disenchant Trot and then to drink from the Water of Oblivion. She was then put to sleep for another 100 years. (The Wicked Witch of Oz)


The Wicked Witch of the South in the Marvel Comic Oz series.

L. Frank Baum only mentioned her in passing. She is the titular character of The Wicked Witch of Oz, written by Rachel Cosgrove Payes, who is considered a Royal Historian of Oz. Singra, as Rachel Cosgrove named the character, is the closest fans have to a canonical depiction of the Wicked Witch of the South.

In The Wicked Witch of Oz, Rachel Cosgrove specified that the Wicked Witches of the East and West were her cousins. L. Frank Baum did not imply any familial relations between the wicked witches, but did state that the Witches of the East and West joined forces with Mombi and the Wicked Witch of the South to conquer Oz and divide it among themselves.

She also made an appearance in the Marvel Comics series.

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