A film adaptation of Wicked had been discussed since 2004, though producers were waiting for a dip in the stage musical's earnings. By 2012, Universal Studios was reported to be producing the film with Stephen Daldry as director and Winnie Holzman, who wrote the musical's book, to pen the screenplay.

 Universal announced in 2016 that the film would be released in theaters in December 2019, with Daldry attached to direct it, and the script to be co-written by the musical's creators, Holzman and Schwartz. However on October 20th, 2020, Daldry left the production due to scheduling conflicts according to Variety.

 In May 2017, Schwartz stated that the film would feature "at least two" new songs.  On February 8th, 2019, Universal announced a release date of December 22nd, 2021 but on April 1st, 2020, they announced it might be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic because of the shakeup in the film industry.

A new date has yet to be given as they plan to release some animated films before Wicked but the IMDB page speculates December 22nd, 2022.


  • This is the 2nd Oz movie to be based off a broadway musical after The Wiz.
  • According to Screenrant, it was reported January 10th, 2011 that ABC (owned in part by Walt Disney Pictures) had plans to "strictly adapt" the novel as an 8 hour miniseries that would remove elements of the musical. It was to be produced by Salma Hayek through her company Ventanarosa Productions with Erik Jendresen writing the script as it was expected to air sometime that Fall or Spring 2012. The article notes former ABC President Stephen McPherson declined this production despite the network buying the rights to the books in 2009. A placeholder IMDB listing last updated on June 14th, 2016 states "Development Unknown" through it also listed Jose Tamez as a producer. It is unknown if this is still forthcoming since the television series Once Upon a Time introduced its own Oz based storyline.
  • Though unofficial, in 2013 a Disney animator uploaded images of concept art that could be used for an animated film. Another animator named Heidi Jo Gilbert pitched a storyboard version of Defying Gravity in 2011 uploaded to her vimeo account for the studio to consider.


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