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Warriors of Oz is a supposed upcoming miniseries that would be a re-imagining of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The miniseries is to be produced by SyFy, the same network behind Tin Man, which was also a re-imagining of Baum's original novel. 

The plot has been revealed to be around a warrior transported into a post-apocalyptic, futuristic Oz, where the warrior will team up with other warriors: Heartless, Brainless, and Coward. They must team up to battle the evil Wizard, who has taken over the land of Oz.

With no news since its' 2013 announcement, the status of this project is unclear.

Digital artwork was created by Azamat Sayfullaev which is featured on his  personal website where he lists it as being made for the "Pilot Episode".

His website details that Indar Djendubaev was listed as the director as Timur Bekmambetov and Igor Tsay were listed as producers. It notes that Anykey studio was producing part of this project.

In May 2015, a short 40 second video was added online by actor Mike Shaffrey who presumably was cast as the Scarecrow character. It is unclear how far the project went, but the clips include him being put onto a cross, breaking it, and then being beaten up. The only lines from this video are “The good will rise as the wicked dies” and “I knew it! ... You said I was brainless! But you see this? He’s here!”. This person would appear to be wearing a suit and might be from Earth as the last line says something about “cracking the door to your realm”.

This is the only known footage to have been made public, leading to the possibility that it has been shelved or left incomplete.

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