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Victor Columbia Edison
Title The Troublesome Phonograph
Species Phonograph
Origin Munchkin Country
Residence Unknown
Affiliation Dr. Pipt
First Appearance The Patchwork Girl of Oz

Victor Columbia Edison is a phonograph that once belonged to Dr. Pipt. It has a large gold-colored horn, and is screwed to a tall, round, four-legged table, which it uses for movement. It speaks with a brazen, scratchy voice.

The phonograph was inadvertently brought to life when the Powder of Life was spilled on it. Once alive, it continued to bother the magician by playing loud and offensive "classical" music, until he forced it from his home.

It then tried to endear itself to Ojo and his friends in much the same way, (first with classical, then jazz music), but was finally scared off by the Shaggy Man, who threatened to smash it and scatter its pieces across the country, as a favor to the people of Oz. The Phonograph has never been seen since.

The Phonograph's name is Victor Columbia Edison, but was dubbed Vic for short by the Patchwork Girl. (The Patchwork Girl of Oz)