Valley of Voe house

A home in the Valley of Voe

The Valley of Voe is a lovely valley deep underground beneath Boboland. It is connected to the Land of the Mangaboos by a long tunnel.


The Valley is shaped like a cup. Pyramid Mountain rises up at one side, another mountain stands opposite, and green hills complete the ring. A blue sky arches above, and the valley is lit by some unseen source. It is laid out into lovely lawns and gardens with pebble paths, crystal brooks, groves of trees, and orchards of unknown fruit. Dozens of picturesque cottages are scattered over the valley, though none are gathered into towns or villages.

At first glance, the valley seems deserted, since no living things can be seen moving around it. Actually the inhabitants are invisible as a result of eating the dama-fruit. Also in the valley grows a broad-leafed plant which allows one to walk upon the surface of water when its leaves are rubbed upon the feet. The one evil of this beautiful country is that large, fierce bears roam the valley and terrorize its citizens. These Red Bears have red fur and are nearly as large as a horse. Since the bears also eat the dama-fruit they are invisible, making them doubly dangerous.

The people of the valley enjoy being invisible, since it protects them from the bears. They can still hug and kiss each other, and their dress and appearance are of little importance. Ianu, a boy who lives in the valley, likes that his mother cannot see when his face is dirty. Since beauty is not valued, good actions and pleasant ways are appreciated among the people.

The greatest champion among the people of Voe was a man named Overman-Anu. He killed eleven Red Bears in his time, and visited the Land of Naught where he fought the Gargoyles for nine days before he could escape. (Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz)


Valley of Voe Panorama
The Valley of Voe is visited again in Melody Grandy's modern Oz novel The Disenchanted Princess of Oz.
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