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The Valley of Pussycats is the fifth valley of Merryland. It is ruled by King Felis, under the auspices of the Queen of Merryland.

This valley is like a quiet country scene. The only buildings are a group of whitewashed boxes numbered from 1 to 47. Each has a railing around the roof and a door in the middle of one side.

The residents of the valley are cats of every color and breed. They eat bread from the bread trees and milk from the milk springs. There are no mice in the Valley of Pussycats, for they would be foolish to try and enter it. The cats sleep for hours at a time during the day, and every night they stand on their rooftops and give concerts, howling as loudly as they can.

Besides King Felis, other residents include Tabby, Palladius, Flitter, Mrs. Mewling, and Snowball. (Dot and Tot of Merryland)