Unexplored Territory in Oz: An Excursion Through Hitherto Uncharted Regions of Oz by Means of Four Essays is a seminal work of Oz scholarship written by Robert R. Pattrick. The four essays were originally published in early issues of The Baum Bugle; they were collected and printed together for the first time in 1963. The collection was reprinted in 1975. Patrick M. Maund added notations and appendices for the third edition in 1979; a fourth was issued in 1990. Bill Eubank executed the interior illustrations; the cover was the work of Dick Martin.

As its subtitle indicates, the collection contains four essays:

  • "Oz vs. Authors" — Pattrick defends a broad approach to the Oz canon against the purism of "Baum traditionalists."
  • "The Early History of Oz" — summarizing the contradictory information on Oz history and endeavoring to resolve conflicts.
  • "Oz Magic" — a discussion of the nature of the magic employed in Oz.
  • "Books in Oz" (with Fred M. Meyer) — Meyer and Pattrick survey the books that exist in Oz, like the "row of little green books" Dorothy sees in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Chapter 11.

Maund's appendices are also four in number:

  • I — "The Ozian Canon"
  • II — "Aging and Death in the Ozian Continent"
  • III — "Use of Money in the Ozian Continent"
  • IV — "Distribution of Animal Speech."

Taken together, Pattrick's essays consider many of the fundamental questions that have preoccupied readers, critics, and commentators on Oz. Pattrick's treatments of these questions have not ended discussion of them by any means, but nonetheless constitute fundamental contributions.

Maund's notes correct a few errors on Pattrick's part, and add depth and perspective on the subjects discussed.

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