Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in Oz, subtitled The Oz Book for 1911, is a modern Oz book written by March Laumer, with interior artwork by Chris Dulabone. It is a rewrite of the 1983 book Aunt Em and Uncle Henry in Oz with this version featuring more Oz references and removing those from the Magic Land series.

Aunt Em and Uncle Henry visit the house the cyclone took to Oz years ago to get back her rag rug. While there her personality and appearance begin changing, turning cruel and green. She has come under the influence of the spirit of the Wicked Witch of the East. With the aid of Zippiochoggolak a.k.a. Zip (the speedy messenger mentioned in the second chapter of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), Vergrodius (the King of Green Mountain mentioned in The Wishing Horse of Oz), Lorna (the wood nymph mentioned in the same book), and Wam (a Wizard first mentioned in The Cowardly Lion of Oz), Uncle Henry sets out to rescue his wife.