Tyrone the Terrible
Title Tyrone the Terrible Toy Tinker (formerly);
Tyrone the Terrific
Species Nome
Origin Land of Oz
Residence Emerald City;
Kukala Mountain (formerly)
Occupation Toy Maker;
Tyrant (formerly)
Affiliation Dorothy Gale, Green Gobbler
First Appearance Dorothy in the Land of Oz (1980)

Tyrone the Terrible Toy Tinker (or just Tyrone the Terrible) was an evil toy maker who due to his failure to become a successful toy maker turned to a life of evil and sought to take over the Land of Oz. He is the main villain in the animated TV film Dorothy in the Land of Oz.

Some unknown time after the Wicked Witch of the West had been defeated by Dorothy Gale, Tyrone took over as Oz's new prominent evil and constantly made threats to the populace and swore to take over the Emerald City with his army of living toy soldiers. However in truth his soldiers were not alive, due to needing Dr. Pipt's Powder of Life to bring his army to life and take over Oz. After finding out Jack Pumpkinhead possessed the powder, he tried to steal it but was scared off by what appeared to be a giant monster bird.

In truth the monster bird was just a turkey parade balloon that had accidentally carried off Dorothy to Oz. After meeting Jack Pumpkinhead, Jack told Dorothy of Tyrone's plans and actions and thanked her and her monster bird for scaring him off. She then told him that it was not a bird but a simple large balloon. Tyrone over heard this, and no longer having to worry, he quickly grabbed Jack's powder and threw some over the turkey balloon, bringing it to life and turning it into a true monster bird which he named the Green Gobbler of Oz. Tyrone then convinced the bird that he was its master and creator and that together they would take over the Emerald City, assuring that the death and destruction would reign and that those who survived would be their slaves. Tyrone then flew off on the Green Gobbler's back and headed for his castle on Kukala Mountain where he would finally bring to life his army of led soldiers (or as he called it, his army of The Living Led).


  • His design seems to have been based on the Nome King's.

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