"Twinkle's Enchantment" is a short story by L. Frank Baum, author of the Oz books, and is one of The Twinkle Tales first published in 1906.


Twinkle goes out to the gulch behind her house to pick blueberries for supper. As she goes, a beetle warns her that she will soon cross the "line of enchantment" — though the fact that a beetle is talking to her suggests that she is already in enchanted territory. She is soon talking to a butterfly, and she encounters a popping weasel, birds of a feather, and even the Rolling Stone (the one that gathers no moss). A dancing bear invites her to his cave to see him dance; his performance is interrupted by an obnoxious green monkey.

As the sun sets, she sees castles in the air. She meets Prince Nimble, a green grasshopper who leads her to Hoptown to the grasshoppers' party. Fireflies light the scene; a bug band strikes up the music (ladybugs on violins, water-beetle on bass viol), and the grasshoppers dance. Many are rather clumsy, though Prince Nimble lives up to his name.

The enchantment ends when Twinkle's mother wakes her daughter from her nap.


For a more famous green monkey in Baum's works, see The Tin Woodman of Oz.

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