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Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz is a made-for-TV movie produced by Warner Bros. Animation retelling the story of The Wizard of Oz with classic cartoon characters Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse. As Warner owns the MGM movie, the 1939 character likeness and songs are used. It originally aired on Cartoon Network in August 2011.


Dorothy Gale owns a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry. Their rivalry gets in the way of the Gales' farm work. But they work together to rescue Dorothy when she topples off the pigsty fence railing and into the pigsty.

Since Tom and Jerry are very good at looking after Dorothy and this usually keeps their rivalry out of the way, Aunt Em asks them to promise her to put their rivalry aside and work together to protect Dorothy. At first, they are reluctant, but they really don't want her to get hurt, so they agree to be friends and keep an eye on her. When Miss Gulch comes to take Toto away to have him put to sleep, Tom and Jerry work together to follow her and save him, but a scuttle between Tom, Jerry, and Miss Gulch sends all of them crashing into a pit. Dorothy is glad to Toto back and she decides to run away.

Later a tornado forms, and Dorothy, Toto, Tom, and Jerry are too late to get in the storm cellar. Dorothy goes inside the house to find Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. Tom and Jerry try to make as much noise as they can to get Aunt Em and Uncle Henry to hear them, but the tornado gets closer. They get knocked out when trying to get inside the house and are twisted up in the tornado and into the Land of Oz.

They meet Tuffy the Munchkin Mouse, and he explains what happened when he, the other Munchkins, and Glinda the Good Witch of the North met Dorothy after she killed the Wicked Witch of the East. As Tom and Jerry skip down the Yellow Brick Road, Tuffy warns them not to follow Dorothy. Tom goes along with this, but Jerry reminds him that they promised they'd keep her out of danger. Tuffy asks if he can go. Tom laughs at how small he is, but he is very insecure about his size, so he decides to ask the Wizard to make him big.

Tom and Jerry team up with Tuffy, and they catch up with Dorothy, who's also made new friends on her way to see the Wizard and ask him to send her home. But they need to watch out for the Wicked Witch of the West, who's angry with Dorothy for killing her sister and Tom and Jerry for saving her from having her Ruby Slippers taken away.



  • In this film, Kansas is in color, however, on the DVD, in the special features, there's another full-length version of the movie with Kansas in sepia.
  • Despite it being a film involving the Oz characters, it seems to focus more on Tom and Jerry over Dorothy and her friends. This could be noted because this is a retelling of the original 1939 film.
  • "If I Only Had a Brain/Heart/Nerve" gets a new verse, "If I Only Had the Height" sung by Tuffy. The traditional version of the songs If I Only Had A... were sung during the closing credits.


On June 21, 2016, a sequel Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz was released to DVD.

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