"The grounds around Nick Chopper's new tin palace were laid out in pretty flower-beds, with tin flowers and tin fountains and statues made of tin representing the Emperor's personal friends. Dorothy was astonished and delighted to find a tin statue of herself standing on a tin pedestal at a bend in the avenue leading up to the entrance. It was life-size and showed her wearing her old gingham dress with her sunbonnet on and holding her basket, just as she had appeared when she first met the Tin Woodman. Her statue even wore a replica of the long lost Silver Shoes she had once worn. "Oh, look Toto--you're there too!" she exclaimed; and sure enough there was the tin figure of Toto at the side of the tin Dorothy's feet. She also saw tin statues of a life-size Scarecrow, the Wizard, Princess Ozma, and of many other familiar Ozians. "
The Road to Oz (1909)

The Tin Palace is the official home of Nick Chopper aka the Tin Woodman, who is now the loving Emperor of the Winkies in the magical Land of Oz. It is located in the western quadrant of Oz called the Winkie Country. It stands in the very heart of the Winkie City.



The palace of the Tin Woodman.

The Tin Woodman's palace is an enormous establishment entirely made of all polished tin that glistens in the rays of the sun like silver. Even the towers, domes and gables are constructed out of tin. Around the grounds of the tin castle runs a high tin wall with tin gates which are always open.

The grounds contain pretty tin flower beds, tin fountains and life-size tin statues of all the Emperor's personal and dearest friends such as Dorothy Gale and Toto, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, Princess Ozma and many more. The paths are paved with sheets of tin and, though most of the flowers are real, there is a singular bed where tin camelias, tin marigolds, tin carnations, tin poppies, and tin hollyhocks are placed in the flower beds as well.

Inside, all the furniture and decorations are made of brightly polished tin right down to the tables, chairs, beds and even all the ceilings, floors and walls. There are tin pictures hung up on the walls and from the tin ceilings hang handsome tin chandeliers. Many servants spend hours each and every day polishing the grounds to prevent the palace from rusting.


When Dorothy Gale killed the former ruler of the Winkie people, the Wicked Witch of the West, the Winkies then asked the Tin Woodman to take her place, and which he happily accepted. Since the home of the Wicked Witch was too old and damp, the Winkies built him a new castle to live in that they proudly built entirely of shiny tin. (The Road to Oz)

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