Red reera

The Adepts, back in their natural state, with Red Reera

The Three Adepts are a trio of young women, skilled in magic and sorcery, from the far north of the Gillikin Country.


They appear as beautiful and graceful young women, "tall and slender," with "fine, intelligent faces," differentiable by the colors of their hair and eyes. They are virtuous magic workers who practice only "good witchcraft." Though powerful, they are themselves vulnerable to magic, and were once transformed into lake fish.

  • Audah has blonde hair and blue eyes, and was once a goldfish
  • Aurah has brown hair and gray eyes, and was once a "bronzefish"
  • Aujah has "snow-white hair of the finest texture" and "deep brown" eyes, and was once a silverfish.

They claim to have learned magic from Nature. They come from a region which is also home to Reera the Red, a powerful Yookoohoo; whether the Adepts are human or some other exotic form of being, like Reera, is unknown. (Glinda of Oz)


Their origin is mysterious. They provided good government over the Flatheads, though they were not Flatheads themselves. They also built a remarkable submersible city for the neighboring Skeezers, with marble buildings and a glass dome. The Skeezer Queen Coo-ee-oh befriended the Adepts, but treacherously betrayed them and transformed them into fishes. They were later rescued from this enchanted state by a young Skeezer named Ervic. The Adepts allied themselves with Glinda and Princess Ozma, and were rewarded by being allowed to continue practicing magic and guiding the Flatheads and Skeezers in a course of peaceful development.

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