Songs from  The Wizard of Oz
Released  1996
Format  CD
Label  Rhino
Catalogue no. 

In 1995, a celebrity cast performed songs from the MGM film The Wizard of Oz at the Lincoln Center as a benefit for the Children's Defense Fund. This is the soundtrack from that performance.

The production consists of an abbreviated script and highlights most songs and musical numbers from the movie. The most notable difference is Uncle Henry and the three farmhands do not appear in this production, but Joel Grey in his role of Professor Marvel and Debra Winger's "Cyclone" narration both mention Miss Gulch. The concert begins with Jewel as Dorothy Gale singing the complete version of "Over the Rainbow". The concert also includes the song "The Jitterbug" which was cut from the original film.

Throughout the entire concert, the conductor and orchestra are featured on-stage with the performers. The performers are predominantly positioned at music stands reading the script and music (similar to reader's theatre). The choreography is different from the 1939 movie: noticeable differences include the Munchkins not dancing and at no point do the four principals (Dorothy, ScarecrowTin Man and Cowardly Lion) dance together. Throughout the production, various photos of “Wizard of Oz” artwork such as a tornado striking the Kansas farm, the Yellow Brick Road, and Emerald City are projected on a screen in the back of the stage.

The tempi for various songs were changed to better feature specific talents of individual singers, including "If I Only Had a Brain", which had a folk music tempo to highlight Jackson Browne and "If I Only Had a Heart", which had a rock and roll tempo to highlight the beautiful Roger Daltrey (Daltrey even swings his microphone, mimicking his Who persona).

Nathan Lane's portrayal of the Lion included a version of "If I Were King of the Forest" where he adds in addition to the lyrics "not, queen, not duke, not prince...or the Artist Formerly Known as Prince".

This production shortens the Wicked Witch's Castle scenes due to time limit. In the scene where Dorothy (Jewel) suffers her imprisonment after Aunt Em's image fades away in the crystal ball, Winger says the line "What a little whiner! I'll give you something to cry about" which was not spoken by Margaret Hamilton. The Wicked Witch's meltdown scene is followed by the musical number "Hail! Hail! The Witch is Dead" which was also cut from the original film. Phoebe Snow added a stirring "If I Only Had..." medley set to a solo piano, combining all three of the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion's desires. Unlike Jack Haley, Daltrey as the Tin Man hugged Joel Grey as the Wizard toward the end with a sweet "Thank you from the bottom of my heart!".

The performance was originally broadcast November 22 on both TNT and TBS, and issued on CD and VHS video in 1996. The video has not yet been released on DVD. Both the CD and video are currently out-of-print.

Track List

  1. Main Title - Orchestra
  2. Over The Rainbow - Jewel
  3. Cyclone - Debra Winger
  4. Come Out, Come Out - Natalie Cole & Boys Choir Of Harlem
  5. It Really Was No Miracle - Jewel/Boys Choir Choir Of Harlem
  6. We Thank You Very Sweetly - Boys Choir Of Harlem
  7. Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead - Natalie Cole & Boys Choir Of Harlem
  8. As Mayor Of The Munchkin City - Daniel Lane
  9. As Coroner, I Must Aver - Kevin Miller
  10. Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead - Natalie Cole/Boys Choir Of Harlem
  11. The Lullaby League - Boys Choir Of Harlem
  12. The Lollipop Guild - Boys Choir Of Harlem
  13. We Welcome You To Munchkinland - Boys Choir Of Harlem
  14. Who Killed My Sister - Debra Winger/Natalie Cole & Jewel
  15. Follow The Yellow Brick Road/You're Off To See The Wizard - Natalie Cole/Jewel/ Boys Choir of Harlem
  16. If I Only Had A Brain - Jackson Browne/Jewel/Images/Ry Cooder/David Sanborn
  17. We're Off To See The Wizard - Jewel/Jackson Browne/Ry Cooder
  18. If I Only Had A Heart - Roger Daltrey/Female Ensemble
  19. We're Off To See The Wizard - Jewel/Jackson Browne/Roger Daltrey/Ry Cooder
  20. Lions And Tigers And Bears - Jewel/Jackson Browne/Roger Daltrey
  21. If I Only Had The Nerve - Nathan Lane/Jewel/Jackson Browne/Roger Daltrey
  22. We're Off To See The Wizard - Jewel/Jackson Browne/Roger Daltrey/Nathan Lane /Ry Cooder
  23. If I Only Had A Brain/A Heart/The Nerve (Reprise) - Phoebe Snow/Keith Levenson/John Moller
  24. Poppies - Debra Winger/Orchestra
  25. You're Out Of The Woods - Natalie Cole/Dr. John/Female Ensemble
  26. The Merry Old Land Of Oz - Joel Grey/Full Company
  27. Surrender Dorothy - Jewel/Jackson Browne/Roger Daltrey/Nathan Lane/Joel Grey
  28. If I Were King Of The Forest - Nathan Lane/Full Company
  29. Bring Me The Broomstick - Joel Grey/Jewel/Jackson Browne/Roger Daltrey/Nathan Lane
  30. Haunted Forest - Debra Winger
  31. The Jitterbug - Jewel/Jackson Browne/Roger Daltrey/Nathan Lane/Full Company
  32. March Of The Winkies - Debra Winger/Male Ensemble
  33. Hail, Hail! The Witch Is Dead - Ronnie Spector/Dr. John/David Sanborn
  34. We Brought You The Broomstick - Joel Grey/Jewel/Jackson Browne/Roger Daltrey/Nathan Lane
  35. Delirious Escape - Natalie Cole
  36. Finale (Over The Rainbow) - Full Company/Lucie Arnaz/Phoebe Snow/Ronnie Spector..
  37. Orchestra Finale - Orchestra
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