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The Witch Queens is the first novel in The Hidden History of Oz series by Tarl Telford. It was released on July 11th, 2012. The book is broken up into three sections spanning into 38 short chapters.


Long before Dorothy... there was Glinda.

Glinda only wants freedom. She wants freedom from her parents, freedom from her tower, and, most of all, she wants freedom her dreary life as the red-haired daughter of the Sorceress. She wants adventures like the ones she reads about. In all her fifteen years, she has never flown with Winged Monkeys, seen a magic mirror, or even talked with a Wicked Witch. And the only rebellion she ever led was against her mother, and that was over which dress to wear to the Abracadabra Bazaar.

That single defiant act was the first domino to fall in an escalating series of horrible events. Her parents are gone. Her tower is destroyed. Even the great King is dead. The Wicked Witches command their magical armies to seize power, but Glinda refuses to surrender.

Her courageous spark fans the flames of rebellion, but their small army is out-magicked, outnumbered, and out of time. With only three spells, two clever friends, and a wizard with a dream, Glinda will learn that the one thing in Oz more powerful than magic is freedom.

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