"The Runaway Shadows" (also known as "A Trick of Jack Frost") is a short story written by L. Frank Baum.

The story takes place in the Kingdom of Thumbumbia, where the young Prince of Thumbumbia and his cousin Lady Lindeva decide to go outside and play on the coldest day of the year. While the children are out, Jack Frost freezes their shadows solid, allowing them to run away. The shadows escape into the Forest of Burzee where they are attacked by Kahtah the tiger. A Ryl advises the shadows to return to their masters and they obey, just in time for the Prince to be crowned king.


Although there is no direct connection to the Oz books, Jack Frost, Ryls, and the Forest of Burzee are pivotal to The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus.

The story was reprinted in a separate limited edition by The Pamami Press (1979), and was included in the collection The Runaway Shadows and Other Stories (1980).

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