The Oz/Wonderland War is a three-issue special edition comic book, published by DC Comics, in January through March 1986. It features Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, a short-lived cast of funny-animal characters from that era, and was written by Joey Cavalieri and E. Nelson Bridwell, with art by Carol Lay. The comic also contains unillustrated text from Bridwell.

The title is misleading: L. Frank Baum's Oz and Lewis Carroll's Wonderland are not at war with each other in the comic's plot. Rather, characters from both Wonderland and Oz unite against Ruggedo the Nome King, who has gained control over the Winged Monkeys and used them to conquer Oz and imprison Princess Ozma, Glinda, the Tin Woodman and others. The DC Zoo Crew joins with Dorothy Gale, Tik-Tok, the Cheshire Cat, the White Knight, the Mock-Turtle, and others from both the classic books to oust Ruggedo from his conquest.

Artist Carol Lay did a noteworthy job of imitating the styles of the the original artists involved — Wonderland's John Tenniel, Oz's John R. Neill — and blending them with Scott Shaw!'s Zoo Crew standard. Lay is best-known for her own long-running strip Story Minute.

The Oz/Wonderland War should not be confused with The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles, a separate and later comic with a related concept.