The Making of Emerald City is a bonus preview episode of NBC's Emerald City that was released online on December 17th, 2016 as a free purchase on Youtube and the Playstation Network among other platforms.

It features various behind the scenes clips along with interviews about the series.


  • Production tibits are noted such as:
  1. The tornado scene is made with large fans including a truck used to fight oil fires.
  2. The Yellow Brick Road is colored sawdust supposed to be poppies.
  3. Many of the flying scenes are done with hoisting up the cast with ropes instead of simliar special effects that could be made with green screen. 
  4. There are over 1000 visual effect shots that required CGI animation to be placed in.for various characters, objects, and settings which are computer generated similar to that of video games.
  5. The crew has over 250 people with 500 film extras
  6. Actress Stefanie Martini's face was scanned using computers to create 14 perfectly sized masks for her character Lady Ev/Princess Langwidere
  7. The costume team had been working for six months.
  8. The Spain filming location ironically was being used by the Assassin's Creed movie at the same time.
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