The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus is a fantasy book written by L. Frank Baum (author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), and published in 1902.

Baum dedicated the book to his son Harry Neal Baum.

This biography of Santa Claus is told in three parts. The first deals with his infancy, telling how he was raised by the Wood Nymphs in the enchanted Forest of Burzee. The middle section narrates his manhood: how he became the friend of children, how his enemies the Awgwas were defeated, and how many of his Christmas traditions began. The final part deals with his old age, and how the Mantle of Immortality was bestowed on him.

Although it is not part of the Oz series, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus does have many connections with the Land of Oz. It introduces the Gnome King, who later appeared in Ozma of Oz and other Oz books. Also, Santa Claus himself visited the Emerald City and was an honored guest at Ozma's birthday party in The Road to Oz.


Ak, Awgwas, Baron Braun, Bessie Blithesome, Blinkie, Bo, Fairy Queen, Flash, Flossie, Frost King, Glossie, Gnome King, Jack Frost, Kern, Kilter, King of the Knooks, King of the Light Elves, King of the Ryls, King of the Sleep Fays, King of the Sound Imps, King of the Wind Demons, Lord of Lerd, Mayrie, Necile, Nelko, Nuter, Peter the Knook, Prince of the Knooks, Prince of the Ryls, Queen of the Water Sprites, Santa Claus, Shiegra, Spirit of Death, Supreme Master, Twilight, Weekum, Will Knook, Wisk, Zurline


  • The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (1985 Rankin/Bass stop motion TV special)
  • Who Stole Santa? (episode of The Oz Kids)
  • The Life and Adventures of Santa Class (2000 Universal animated movie)
  • Shonen Santa no Daibouken ("The Adventures of Young Santa", 1996 Japanese anime series)

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