The Last Egyptian is the movie adaptation of L. Frank Baum's 1908 novel of the same name. The film was completed late in 1914 and exhibited for audiences in December of that year.

After the commercial failure and distribution problems that greeted the Oz Film Manufacturing Company's first three fantasy movies, the company took a different approach with its fourth effort. The Last Egyptian is aimed squarely at the adult audience. The film was directed by J. Farrell MacDonald, who also starred in the role of Kara. Veterans of the Oz company's earlier efforts filled other roles: Frank Moore was Lord Roane, and Vivian Reed his granddaughter Aneth Consinor; Fred Woodward was Sebbet the embalmer, and Pierre Couderc was Sheik Antar.

Unfortunately, The Last Egyptian met the same distributor resistance and commercial failure as the company's earlier films. Currently the Museum of Modern Art keeps the only known surviving copy of the film in its collection; the print is incomplete, missing two of its five reels.

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