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The Land of Oz is a film presumably canceled film project that intended to be released in 2020 because of reported production setbacks. There have been no updates since 2015 on their social media pages which leaves the status of this project unknown.

It was announced to be an adaptation of the book The Marvelous Land of Oz and would feature Madisyn Wright as Dorothy Gale who does not appear in the book and has replaced Tip as the main protagonist, who has become the deuteragonist of the story, as in the second season of Panmedia's 1980s anime.

It was suggested to be equal parts a sequel to the 1939 film and a remake of the 1985 film Return to Oz.


Intended cast members:


Possibility of a sequel[]

Without much confirmed progress of this project, the independent producers have already mentioned a possible 'sequel to "The Land of Oz"" that may feature the Nome King Roquat (Ruggedo's orginal name), this will likely be an adaptation of Ozma of Oz.


On their Facebook page, it was announced that the original producer dropped out of the project and was replaced by a new one who has "with fresh, new ideas for this film" causing a up to five year setback.

Since 2015, no social media updates have been made which could mean it has been canceled or the pages will not be updated until around completion.

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