The International Wizard of Oz Club is an association of Oz enthusiasts, formed in 1957 with sixteen founding members. Fifty years later it has well over 1,300 members.

The club sponsors Oz conventions around the U.S. every year. It also publishes Oz and Baum related material including a regular magazine called The Baum Bugle, and Oz books by Royal Historians.

They also give out an annual L. Frank Baum Memorial Award with recipents including Dick Martin (1961), Ruth Plumly Thompson (1968), John Fricke (1970), Eloise Jarvis McGraw and Lauren Lynn McGraw (1983), Rachel Cosgrove Payes (1995), Eric Shanower (1996), Willard Carroll (2001), and Gregory Maguire (2014) along with the author's family relatives Harry Neal Baum (1963; uncredited co-author of various books), Edna D. Baum and Elizabeth Ligon Baum (1966), Ozma Baum Mantele and  Dr. Robert A. Baum (1984), and Robert Baum (2002).



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