The Hidden History of Oz an alternate Oz book series by Tarl Telford.

The book series is a prequel to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and takes place before the Wizard arrived in Oz as it explores how he affects the Land of Oz. The series is seen through the view point of a teenaged Glinda and is similar to the Wicked series.


The series is darker and more mature than most Oz novels but keeps the overall spirit of Braum's work while attempting to explain some of their inconsisties. King Pastoria, for instance is depicted as a last minute replacement for his desceased brother, King OZ. In addition, the series contains a few nods to the 1939 film as the Witches of the East and West, Kaliyana and Ondri-baba respectively are depicted as sisters. Also Ondri-baba's magc eye is said to give off a glow that makes her appear green. The series focuses on the origins of Braum's classic characters from the prospective of a young Glinda as she evolves into the great and wise Witch of the South. 



The series features a unqiue calandar system beginning in 1852 AD which in Oz is 1168 Ozy and considerbly 48 BDG which refers to "Before Dorothy Gale". This would be 48 years before 1900 to coincide with the publication  of L. Frank Baum's first Oz book.

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