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The Eternally Youthful Stella is the 5th book in the Tales of the Emerald City series written by Sergei Sukhinov. It was published in 1998.


Agnet, lovely but treacherous lady-in-waiting to Stella (L. Frank Baum's Glinda) steals the Golden Cap which commands the services of the Winged Monkeys, and when the three sorceresses assemble for a war conference, Agnet has the Monkeys carry them off to the City of Wraiths so that she herself can take over the throne of Stella's domain, Rose Land.

Almar meets up with Corina, now on the side of Evil, and she tries unsuccessfully to get his newly-acquired Sword away from him. Before Pakir, furious at her failure, opens the ground and takes her in, she reveals to him that Stella and Ellie are captives in the City of Wraiths. Almar and Yurgod set out to rescue them.
The story backtracks now, describing Rose Land and its unique magic, and Stella’s intrigue-ridden court. When Stella goes off to bestow eternal youth upon Ellie, lovely but ambitious lady-in-waiting Agnet (manipulated, of course, by Pakir) finds the Golden Cap that the Winged Monkeys are subject to. Later, when Stella receives Corina and Ellie at her palace for a "summit conference," Agnet orders the Monkeys to kill them; but instead, the creatures bear them away to the City of Wraiths.

Stella and Ellie are imprisoned in the Eagle Tower, as is Strasheela when Elg brings him there. Corina, however, succumbs to Sagarot’s blandishments and switches her allegiance to Evil, and it is then that she sets out to attempt to grab Almar’s Sword. Elg, for his part, goes over to the side of Good, and he helps the captives to fend off the creatures that Pakir has sent to bring them to him.

When Agnet proclaims herself the new queen of Rose Land and claims that the sorceresses have departed for the Outer World, most of the courtiers and palace residents fawn over her. But the townspeople and other Quadlings, who have always loved Stella, are not so easily fooled. Danor, the city mayor, sets out to recruit help, and presently two armies (one made up of Quadlings, the other, of Marrans) come to take on Agnet’s protectors, the Winged Monkeys.

Ellie is finally able to use some of her new magic to hold off Pakir’s creatures, and Almar and Yurgod rescue them, just in time – but Almar is killed as Yurgod flies them away. Stella can revitalize him only to a robot-like state. She heads back to Rose Land. The two armies are in fierce combat there with the Monkeys, but the sight of Stella causes them all to break it off. Ellie comes to help set things right, and she exiles the unrepentant Agnet to Tamiz’s cave.

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