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The Emerald Wand of Oz is an  Oz book written by Sherwood Smith and illustrated by William Stout. It is the first in the series of new Oz novels commissioned by the Baum Family Trust and was published on January 1st, 2005.


Em and Dori are two descendants of Dorothy Gale, who are mourning their parents' separation. Like their ancestress, they are carried to Oz by a tornado. Once there, they learn that Oz is facing a new threat in Bastinda, a descendant of the Wicked Witch of the West. The girls fall in with beauty-pageant unicorns and an odd boy named Rik, plus enduring characters like the Scarecrow, the Patchwork Girl, and the Glass Cat. Together they defeat Bastinda and restore Ozma to her throne.


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Sherwood Smith's Oz trilogy

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