The Daring Twins: A Story for Young Folk is a mystery novel for juvenile readers by L. Frank Baum. It was published in 1911. Unusually, the book was released under the author's name; Baum's other non-fantasy juveniles appeared under one or another of his many pseudonyms. The Daring Twins was illustrated by Pauline Batchelder.

The story of The Daring Twins centers on a family of five orphaned children, two of whom are twins. Phil Daring works in a bank; when he is falsely suspected of thievery, his twin sister Phoebe, a spirited 16-year-old, seizes the initiative in proving Phil's innocence.

The Daring children's late father had been in the sugar business; he was ruined financially when he refused to join a monopoly, believing that trusts and monopolies are "unjust and morally unlawful" — an interesting glimpse into Baum's values.

Baum was simultaneously writing a similar story, of a brave girl defending and supporting her brother, in his 1911 novel The Flying Girl. And he would re-use the plot of a girl with an unjustly-accused family member in his 1916 book Mary Louise, which launched yet another serial.

The Daring Twins was projected as the first installment in a series of juvenile novels. A sequel, Phoebe Daring, appeared in 1912, though the series did not progress beyond the second volume.

The Daring Twins was re-issued in 2006, under the alternative title The Secret of the Lost Fortune.

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