The title screen.

TR Oz gameplay

A gameplay screenshot.

Temple Run: Oz is a mobile game for iOS (iPhones, iPads, etc.) and Android is based on Disney's film, Oz the Great and Powerful. The game is also part of the popular Temple Run series of games, in which the player must run along a path, avoiding obstacles, to infinity.


The player plays as Oscar Diggs as he runs along the Yellow Brick Road, and occasionally off it. He must jump over fallen rubble and tree roots, while ducking under Winged Baboons that try to seize him.

The player must make sharp turns and react quickly to sudden obstacles. There is a segment where Oz gets into his balloon and flies through the clouds, before returning to the ground.


  • Whimsie Woods - a generic Oz location, with impossibly high paths far above the land of Oz.
  • Dark Forest - A dark and frightening wood with cemeteries and old ruins.
  • Winkie Country - A soft, yellow farmland, filled with Scarecrows guarding crops, mountain paths, and more.
  • Emerald City - Oz runs along the ramparts of the Emerald City, avoiding Winkie guards.

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