Talking Trees were introduced in Roger S. Baum's non-canonical Dorothy of Oz. They are trees that can talk, and are found on the banks of the Munchkin River in Gillikin Country.


Wiser the Owl told Dorothy Gale that to get to Glinda, she and her friends must build a boat from the wood of the Talking Trees that grow on the banks of the Munchkin River. Upon arrival, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Cowardly Lion, and the China Princess introduced themselves to the Talking Trees. The Talking Trees mentioned that they are afraid of woodsmen. Tin Man explained their situation and the Talking Trees agreed to help. They allowed the Tin Man to cut some of their limbs so that they would have enough parts for a large talkin boat. When the boat was done Dorothy drew a face on the tugboat and named it Tugg. Tugg told the Talking Trees that he would travel the Munchkin River and tell them of what he sees.

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