Suzanne Rahn is a contemporary writer on Oz and L. Frank Baum. Her book The Wizard of Oz: Shaping an Imaginary World was published by Twayne Publishers in 1998.

Rahn has also edited L. Frank Baum's World of Oz: A Classic Series at 100, a collection of essays in the series Children's Literature Association Centennial Studies. The book was issued by the Scarecrow Press in 2003.

Rahn is associate professor of English at Pacific Lutheran University. She has contributed essays on St. Nicholas Magazine to the anthology St. Nicholas and Mary Mapes Dodge (2004), and has written scholarly articles like "The Changing Language of Black Child Characters in American Children's Books" (included in the anthology Infant Tongues). She edited the Winter 1995 special issue of the jounral The Lion and the Unicorn on the theme of "Green Worlds: Nature and Ecology."

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