Straight Outta Oz is a visual R&B music album produced by Todrick Hall that features 16 new Oz inspired songs based on different elements of the 1939 film such as the Ruby Slippers and characters. It is considerably a semi-autobiograhical musical film reflecting on his childhood and relationships.

Full album:

Straight Outta Oz by Todrick Hall

Straight Outta Oz by Todrick Hall


  1. No Place Like Home
  2. Proud
  3. Over the Rainbow
  4. Color feat. Jay Armstrong Johnson
  5. Little People
  6. Expensive
  7. Dumb
  8. If I Had a Heart
  9. Lyin' to Myself
  10. Lions and Tigers and Bears
  11. Papi feat.  Nicole Scherzinger
  12. Green feat. Perez Hilton
  13. See Your Face
  14. Wrong Bitch feat. Bob the Drag Queen
  15. Water Guns feat. Jordan Sparks
  16. Home


  • This is Todrick's 3rd and largest Oz based project after singles "The Wizard of Ahhhs..." and "Low".
  • The video for Water Guns is a tribute victims of gun shootings such as the Orlando nightclub and to the late singer Christina Grimmie.