Sergei S. Sukhinov(b. 14 January 1950) is a prolific Russian author of Oz-related books. He is the primary figure who has continued the "Magic Land" series after the death of Alexander Volkov. Sukhinov has written some twenty Magic Land titles, in two main series. Sukhinov's Emerald City stories are both alternates to both Baum's Oz and Volkov's Magic Land stories.

His ten-volume Emerald City series, illustrated by Mikhail Misuno, published by Armada Press:

  1. Gingema's Daughter
  2. The Fairy of the Emerald City
  3. The Sorceress Villina's Secret
  4. The Sorcerer's Sword
  5. The Eternally Youthful Stella
  6. Parcelius the Alchemist
  7. Battle in the Underground Land
  8. King Midgety
  9. The Sorcerer from Atlantis
  10. The Knights of Light and Darkness

His nine-volume Tales of the Emerald City series, illustrated I. Saukiva, published by Eskimo Press:

  1. Corina the Lazy Sorceress
  2. Corina and the Ogre
  3. The Apprentice of Sorceress Villina
  4. The Young Dragon
  5. The Crystal Island
  6. Corina and the Magic Unicorn
  7. Three in the Enchanted Forest
  8. The Black Fog
  9. The Lord of the Winged Monkeys

In addition, Sukhinov has written Goodwin the Great and Terrible, a prequel to the Emerald City series illustrated by Leonid Vladimirsky and published by Eskimo Press in 2001.

In 2013, Peter Blystone (who has previously published his translations of Volkov under his Red Branch Press imprint) published English translations of Sukhinov's works.

Sukhinov based his work on Volkov's first novel, The Wizard of the Emerald City, rather than his subsequent books. Sukhinov has often been credited with taking the Magic Land mythos in the direction of J.R.R. Tolkien, and making the overall story more of a cosmic conflict between Good and Evil than other writers have done.

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