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The Scoodlers

Scoodlers are frightening creatures who live in the Land of the Scoodlers outside the Land of Oz. They reside in the unnamed country where Foxville, Dunkiton, and the Valley of the Musicker are located.


Scoodlers are shaped like men, middle-sized and slender, with sparkling eyes like a weasel's. Their limbs can bend either direction and they have faces on opposite sides of their heads, giving them no back and two fronts. One side has yellow hair and is black as ink, from the hands and feet down to the toes. The other side is white with brilliant purple hair. Their queen, instead of being black and white, is red and yellow.

Scoodlers can remove their heads and reattach them at will. They use their heads as weapons, throwing them to knock over enemies and those who try to escape them.

The creatures' favorite meal is soup, made from travelers who stray into their valley.

They live inside a bowl-shaped mountain of rock, surrounded by a deep gulf which can be crossed only by a narrow bridge of stone. Inside the mountain is a hollow dome lit by several holes in the roof. Small rock houses are scattered around.

A Scoodler staring at Toto


The Scoodlers captured Dorothy Gale, the Shaggy Man, Polychrome, and Button-Bright and planned to make soup of them. The Shaggy Man was able to engineer an escape, during the course of which every Scoodler's head was tossed into the gulf that surrounds their mountain home. (The Road to Oz)

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