The Scarecrow's Mansion is the home of the Scarecrow. It is located in the Winkie Country in the Land of Oz.



The Scarecrow's mansion by John R. Neil.

The mansion was designed by Jack Pumpkinhead to resemble a giant ear of corn, five stories high. The rows of kernels are made of solid gold and the green of its base is a mass of sparkling emeralds. On the top of the structure is a figure of the Scarecrow with several crows carved out of ebony with ruby eyes.


A miniture replica of Scarecrow's Mansion.

The garden around the mansion is a cornfield, though there is one oat-field on the property since oat-straw is the best material for stuffing.

The first floor is a grand reception hall. The walls are hung with white silk with black crows embroidered in black diamonds. Some of the chairs are shaped like big crows with upholstered cushions of corn-colored silk. A hand-organ stands in one corner.

The second story is a fine banquet room, and the top three stories are exquisitely furnished and decorated bed-chambers. (The Emerald City of Oz)