Rosalie is the one Pinkie witch on Sky Island. She is not very obliging. She told Tourmaline that performing witchcraft makes her head ache, so she seldom indulges in it.


Rosalie is much like the other Pinkies in appearance except that she is somewhat taller and thinner than most of the people. Her skin, hair, and eyes are all a rosy pink color. Her gown is of spiderweb gauze that nicely matches her complexion. She does not seem very old, and her face is smiling and attractive. She carries a slender staff tipped with a lustrous pink jewel.

Among her magic powers is the ability to see visions and make those visions visible to others. She has a magic ring which makes its wearer invisible unless someone is touching them. Rosalie can also perform one magic charm every three days.

She is perceptive and wise in the workings of the fairy world and recognized that Trot, Cap'n Bill, and Button-Bright were under the protection of fairies. When Polychrome came to the Pink Country, Rosalie was impressed by the powerful fairy.

When Polychrome reminded the Pinkies that their laws required the palest person in the land to be the ruler, Tourmaline was deposed and Trot became Queen. Later when Trot left Sky Island, Rosalie was made queen. (Sky Island)