Reindeer are certain deer set aside by the Prince of the Knooks to draw the sledge of Santa Claus.


These deer are allowed to bathe in the Pool of Nares, and may eat of the casa and grawle and marbon plants. They are under the especial protection of the Fairy Queen, and are permitted to pull Santa's sleigh only one night per year, Christmas Eve, providing they return to the forest by daybreak. There can be up to ten reindeer, selected by Claus himself.

The ten reindeer, first used on Claus' second Christmas Eve journey, are named Flossie and Glossie, Racer and Pacer, Reckless and Speckless, Fearless and Peerless, and Ready and Steady. They are all exceedingly beautiful, with slender legs, spreading antlers, velvety dark eyes, and smooth coats of fawn spotted with white.


Flossie and Glossie were two deer of the Forest of Burzee. One winter day they visited Claus, whom they had known when he lived in the forest as a boy. Claus was unhappy because he was trapped at his home in the Laughing Valley by deep, deep snow. Flossie and Glossie could walk on the frozen surface of the snow, and being curious about the world, offered to pull Claus on a sled.

The deer secured permission from Will Knook for that first journey, who allowed them to go on the condition that they return by daybreak. However, they did not return to the forest until one minute after sunrise, which greatly upset Will Knook.

Ak, the Master Woodsman, had heard of Claus's journey and supported it. He pardoned Flossie and Glossie for their tardiness, and called a meeting of the immortals of Burzee. The Prince of the Knooks, encouraged by Ak but against Will's wishes, set aside certain deer for use by Santa Claus and named them Reindeer. (The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus)

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