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Regos is an important island in the Nonestic Ocean.


Regos is forty miles long and ten miles wide. Near to the shores are green and fertile fields, where the City of Regos is located. Farther back from the sea are rugged hills and mountains, so rocky that nothing will grow there. Between the green shores and the mountains are forests of thick, tangled trees between which narrow paths have been cut to lead up to the caves of the mines.

Regos is only slightly separated from its neighbor island Coregos; they are so close that one could throw a stone from one shore to the other. The two are joined by a bridge of boats and planks, and their societies are closely linked.

The interior mountains of Regos are rich in gold and silver, and are mined by slaves who are confined in dark underground passages for that purpose. Huge carverns have been hollowed out, and the slaves live and sleep in them, never seeing the sun. Cruel overseers with whips stand over the slaves, who have been captured in many countries by raiding parties.

During the time of Prince Inga and King Rinkitink, Regos was ruled by King Gos. (Rinkitink in Oz)