Regalia is a small principality located in the far northwestern corner of Gillikin Country. It features mainly in two of Ruth Plumly Thompson's books, The Purple Prince of Oz and The Silver Princess in Oz.


In The Purple Prince of Oz, Thompson describes Regalia as "a proud, pompous and regal little kingdom, high in the purple mountains of Oz." Of its history, she states "Its rulers, so to speak, have come down in a straight succession for more than a thousand years and its castle, with amethyst windows and spires, is one of the most splendid sights in the country."

The Regalians are said to be proud but kind-hearted, and enjoy feasting and celebrations. They sometimes have purple facial hair, as does for example Hoochafoo, the former king's brother.

In the events of The Purple Prince of Oz, the King of Regalia abdicated the throne, leaving his young son Randywell Handywell Brandenburg Bompadoo (Randy for short) to inherit the throne only after completing seven challenges, which he does over the course of the book. The challenges a prince must overcome to become King of Regalia are as follows:

  1. The prince must make three true friends.
  2. He must faithfully serve a strange king.
  3. He must save a queen.
  4. He must prove his bravery in battle.
  5. He must overcome a monster.
  6. He must disenchant a princess.
  7. He must receive from a wizard some magical treasure.

In The Silver Princess in Oz, Randy grew bored with being king, and accompanied his friend Kabumpo on an adventure to visit Jinnicky the Red Jinn, returning to Regalia with a new queen, Planetty.


  • Randy (King of Regalia)
  • Planetty (former princess of Anuther Planet, current Queen of Regalia)
  • Hoochafoo, the former King's brother and Randy's uncle
  • Chalulu the Wise Man, the palace sage
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