Reera the Red is a powerful witch who specializes in transformations — one of the two known Yookoohoos in Oz. She was the one who turned the goldfish, the silverfish, and the bronzefish back into the Three Adepts.


Since Reera employs her transformational abilities on herself, her original form might be considered an open question. Yet her sobriquet "the red" derives from her red hair in her human form, which implies that that form is natural to her. If so, she is a "quite attractive" young woman. She cannot be accused of vanity, since she transforms herself into a gray ape in preference to her human form. (The ape form allows her to be free of clothing during the heat of the day.)
Red reera

Reera with the transformed Three Adepts.

She keeps a small menagerie of pets, which she changes into different forms with her magic.

Reera prefers isolation to human contact, though she is not overtly hostile to people. She is not devoid of humor and irony. Her words can be more negative than her deeds. (Glinda of Oz)


Paul Dana makes Red Reera the older sister of Mrs. Yoop in his novel The Law of Oz and Other Stories. She plays a large role in his sequel The Magic Umbrella of Oz.

Richard G. Quinn has written an Oz fiction called Red Reera the Yookoohoo and the Enchanted Easter Eggs of Oz.

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