Realbad was a bandit chieftain; he led a gang of robbers in the Munchkin Country of Oz.

In person, he is tall, strong, and handsome, with curly black hair. In personality, he displayed a cheerful cynicism and a devil-may-care attitude during his bandit days, which caused him trouble. His own bandits were moved to rebel against his leadership when they suspected he was not ruthless enough, and not firmly dedicated to their common criminal aims.

An expert woodsman, he is amply supplied with courage and strength: during his adventures he overcame both a blue dragon and a Snoctorotomus. And he displayed friendship and loyalty as well.

In the fullness of time his true identity was revealed: he is Ree Alla Bad, the rightful king of Seebania, husband of queen Isomere, father of Ojo, and nephew of Stephen, alias Unc Nunkie. (Ojo in Oz)

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