Reachard is the right hand man of Dickus the Third, Dictator of Dicksy Land.


Like all natives of the city of Reach, Reachard possesses one striking anatomical peculiarity: he can extend his right arm in any direction, for any number of miles. This arm has snakelike flexibility and enormous strength. Reachard can always see where he's reaching, for he has eyes in his fingertips of his right hand. His left arm, in contrast, is perfectly normal. (Ojo in Oz)


Another character in the same book, X. Pando, has legs that extend rather like Reachard's right arm.

On a permanent basis, Reachard possesses half the reaching ability that Tellydeb enjoyed temporarily. (Queen Zixi of Ix) Reachard's extended hand functions like the floating hand of Kuma Party. (The Gnome King of Oz)

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