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Ray Bolger (January 10 1904 –  January 15 1987), full name Raymond Wallace Bulcao, was the American actor who played the Scarecrow and Hunk the Farmhand in MGM's 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

Bolger was originally cast as the Tin Woodman, but felt himself better suited to the Scarecrow role. He campaigned vigorously with producer Mervyn LeRoy and studio head Louis B. Mayer for a switch in roles, and soon won the part he coveted. (Buddy Ebsen, originally intended as the Scarecrow, but he didn't mind and took the Tin Man role instead, with an unfortunate outcome.)

Over the course of his career, Bolger shared other credits with his Oz castmates. He played:

Judy Garland afecanatly called Bolger "My Scarecrow"

Bolger won a Tony award for the Brodway play Wheres Charlie in 1948

He also appeared as a dancer in a Dr Pepper comercial 

He died from blader cancer on January 15 1987 at the age of 83 

He was the last surviving member of the original cast of Oz (with exception to Buddy Ebsen)



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