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Raw, played by Raoul Trujillo, is based on a character from The Wizard of Oz: in this case, the Cowardly Lion, from the television series Tin Man.

Similarly to the others, he serves the same plot function while being a much different individual.


In Tin Man, Raw is a Viewer, one of a psychic race of empaths who are part lion, part human. When introduced, he is the captive of the Papé, a hunter race. DG rescues him and he joins her quest, along with tormented former law enforcer Cain (Wyatt Cain), the movie's eponymous Tin Man, and Glitch (Ambrose), the former Chief Advisor to the Royal Family, who is as brainless as the original Scarecrow. DG and her companions are told that they need to find the Emerald before Azkadellia in order to save the OZ. Raw tells DG that the Emerald is guarded by the "Grey Gale." To find the Emerald, then, they must first find the Grey Gale.

Raw has a clear sense of right and wrong; however, he is easily frightened and intimidated, and finds himself to be a coward in the face of violence. He justifies this self-image with the fact that, however reluctantly, he told Azkadellia the whereabouts of the Emerald while under torture. As with his counterpart, one of his main objectives over the course of the series is to gain courage and confidence. While he accompanies DG and the others, he grows to care very much about them, and risks his life on a number of occasions to save them.

Eventually Raw conquers his demons and becomes a brave individual, defending a pre-pubescent Viewer from the sadistic Alchemist whom he overpowers and apparently kills. He plays an integral in the final battle to destroy Azkadellia's Machine at the climax of the series.