Randywell Handywell Brandenburg Bompadoo, Prince of the Purple Mountains, is generally known by his nickname Randy — even though he is first the crown prince, and then the king, of Regalia .


He is an enterprising and adventurous spirit, as he needs to be to meet the rigorous demands of Regalian royalty. (The Purple Prince of Oz). After his father abdicates the throne he is forced to complete seven arduous tasks in order to ascend the throne, which he does after wandering into Pumperdink and joining Kabumpo on an adventure to save the tiny kingdom. These are:

  1. The prince must make three true friends.
  2. He must faithfully serve a strange king.
  3. He must save a queen.
  4. He must prove his bravery in battle.
  5. He must overcome a monster.
  6. He must disenchant a princess.
  7. He must receive from a wizard some magical treasure.

He completes each of these tasks throughout the book.

After his ascension, he still indulges his taste for travel and adventure, even meeting and marrying a princess from Anuther Planet. (The Silver Princess in Oz)


Beyond the confines of the "Famous Forty" Oz books, Randy re-appears in Jeff Freedman's The Magic Dishpan of Oz.

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