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Queen Zixi of Ix, subtitled The Story of the Magic Cloak, is a fantasy novel written by L. Frank Baum and published in 1905. It was initially serialized in St. Nicholas Magazine in 1904–05, and was the first work published in that periodical with color illustrations.

Baum dedicated the book to his oldest son, Frank Joslyn Baum.

It is the story of a Magic Cloak and the wishes it grants for Bud, Fluff, and many others in the fairy country of Noland. It also involves Queen Zixi of the neighboring country of Ix and her desire to have the Magic Cloak for herself.

Although it is not part of the Oz series, Queen Zixi of Ix does have connections with the Land of Oz and was adapted into the silent film The Magic Cloak of Oz, which changed the location to Oz. Canonically, Queen Zixi, King Bud, and Princess Fluff all visited the Emerald City and were honored guests at Ozma's birthday party in The Road to Oz.


Betsy Barx, Bud, Dingle, Edi, Ereol, Espa, Fluff, Imogene Gubb, Jikki, Kappleson, King of Noland, Lucy Lum, Lulea, Man in the Moon, Molly Mitt, Nancy Nink, Quavo, Rivette, Ruffles, Sally Sog, Skib, Tallydab, Tellydeb, Tillydib, Tollydob, Tullydub, Zixi


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