The road is straight to the South, but it is said to be full of many dangers to travelers. There are wild beasts in the woods, and a race of queer men who do not like strangers to cross over into their country. For this reason none of the Quadlings ever come to the Emerald City.
a soldier, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Quadling Country is a fictional place that can be found at the southern quadrant in the magical Land of Oz created by L. Frank Baum. It is the last and final place of direction to be introduced in Baum's first Oz book titled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, published in 1900. This part of the land is the official home to the native tribe of the south lands of Oz known as the Quadlings. It is distinguished by the color red, as red is the mascot color of the south. Red is the dominating color and is also mostly the color worn by the locals.

Quadling Country

Glinda, the Good Witch rules the south and lives in a ruby studded palace guarded by an all female adolescent army of beautiful solider girls said to be roughly around Dorothy's age who's described to be no older than a twelve year old child.

The quadrant is home to many communities of some of the strangest people in Oz, from living food and utensils, to paper people, to people who worry way too much. The book that explores this quadrant the most is The Emerald City of Oz,in which Dorothy takes a tour of the province with her aunt and uncle after moving to Oz permanently.

The Red Brick Road most likely leads to the Quadling Country in Oz, as red is the mascot color of the south.

  • Many Oz fans have agreed that the "Red Brick Road " seen in the 1939 MGM movie starring late actress Judy Garland, that is entwined with the Yellow Brick Road in Munchkin Country most likely leads to Glinda's Quadling palace.

Glinda's Ruby Palace in the Qaudling Country of Oz.

Notable Quadling Country Locations

Like all the countries of Oz, the Quadling Country contains various unusual sights and places. Among them are:

  • The ruby studded palace of Glinda the Good Witch and Sorceress of the South.
  • The rocky mountain which the grouchy and ill mannered band of armless creatures known as the Hammer-Heads dwell.
  • The forest of Wild Beasts, a forest whose animals hail the Cowardly Lion as their king after he killed a giant spider that was menacing their forest.
  • Fuddlecumjig, where the inhabitants are made from puzzle pieces and have to be reassembled often.
  • Utensia, a kingdom inhabited by animated eating and cooking implements.
  • Bunbury, a land where all the inhabitants are animated food.
  • Bunnybury, where intelligent rabbits walk on their hind legs and wear clothes.
  • Mister Yoop, a captive "untamed giant".
  • The Hoppers, one-legged cave dwellers who travel by hopping.
  • The Horners, pun-loving radium miners with horns who share the caves with the Hoppers and breed prodigiously.
  • A Trick River which changes direction every little while.
  • Jinxland, a monarchy separated from the rest of the Quadling Country by a gorge
  • Halidom
  • Chimneyville, a town made up of only chimneys.
  • Scare City, a city of spooky monsters that like to scare visitors.
  • Ragbad, a small autonomous kingdom in the southeast corner of Quadling Country, whose main export is rags.

Other sources

In Gregory Maguire's revisionist Oz novels Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West and Son of a Witch, Quadling Country is portrayed as a largely undeveloped, swampy region. The ruddy-faced Quadlings are portrayed as artistic and sexually free.

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