Pyramid Mountain is a mountain at the edge of the Valley of Voe which is located beneath Boboland. It is shaped like a cone and the top of it is lost in the clouds.


An arched opening leads to a broad spiral staircase which is cut into the rock. The stairs are not very steep, since they circle around like a corkscrew. The first of several landings looks out over the Valley of Voe.

A second landing, halfway up the mountain, looks out on the side opposite Voe. Far below is a black sea with rolling billows and little tongues of flame. Giants Birds with fierce eyes and sharp talons and beaks fly above the sea. A fleecy cloudbank is nearly level with the opening and Cloud Fairies can be seen. The Braided Man lives on this second landing.

A third landing looks out on a rolling cloudbank that obscures anything else that might be visible.

At the top of Pyramid Mountain is the Land of Naught inhabited by wooden Gargoyles. (Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz)